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September 2024, 15 days

A Magical Journey visiting The Tor, Merlin's Cave, Chalice Well, Stonehenge, Avebury, Waterfall, Camelot,  and others. Each place with its own unique magical energy. A Spiritual, Initiatory, Unforgettable, Personalized Journey... You can't miss it!

Private access to Stonehenge. Imagine yourself meditating and walking in the middle of these Magical Stones at dawn. 

Private access at the Chalice Well


Avalon, Sacred Island guarded by Priestesses who guard the mysteries of the White Goddess. It is a place where a parallel reality remains.  When you are in Glastonbury, energetically you are in Avalon. Glastonbury means "The Anchorage of the Shining Stone."


Cost: $5,995.00 dollars. You must make your reservation as space is limited to 8 people. Reservation $500.00 dollars. The trip is paid in 5 exhibitions, the first in March/April to save your place (non-refundable for flights and hotels). Dates for the remaining 4 exhibitions will be given once you reserve your spot. Once you book your place, an itinerary is sent to you.


20% of each purchase is donated to: La Gaviota Child Disability Care Center I.A.P Children with disabilities, is an inclusive kindergarten 60% children with disabilities and 40% children without disabilities with physical, language and multisensory rehabilitation therapies

Mexico City


The trip includes:

  • Flights (Mexico-London-Mexico)

  • Bed and Breakfast in Glastonbury, shared room.  Only one single room available (additional cost)

  • Breakfasts at Glastonbury

  • Transfers to places that we will visit in Avalon and are part of the Spiritual Course/Journey (Stonehenge, Avebury, Tintagel, Merlin's Cave, Waterfall, etc.)

  • Certified material



  • Lunches, dinners 

  • Personal purchases 

  • Travel insurance

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