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An Unforgettable Journey awaits you ... on this Beautiful and Magical Path of Life

Program suitable for people with hearing sensory impairment.


I give you with Love, Light and Gratitude an unbeatable program ...


My experiences, my learnings, My Life Missions, my transformation, lessons learned, my life in this Magical and Beautiful Path of Life.

The title was dictated word for word in the 8: 8 Portal 2021.

This program is 100% dictated by Multidimensional Beings of Light, Our Mother Earth

You have the Key ... Are you ready to open the door and GROW HUGE?


The World Needs You!

This Program is hands-on

9 Modules to Transform Your Life:


You'll learn:

  • Lose the fear you have. (Examples: crossing other Dimensions, Accepting your Gifts, the list of fears is endless ...) (If you are well, everything is fine)

  • Energy / Frequency Management ... Available For All. Being in other Dimensions and Connecting with Beings of Light of these Dimensions. How to open and close portals to other Dimensions where time does not exist ... I like to call it time without time

  • Ancestral Knowledge of other Dimensions and how to attract it for face-to-face healings, at a distance for yourself and for others ... it is infinite. Open and close Healing circles.  I will share how I do them, what has been given to me, how I have been taught 

  • How to feel and recognize a Portal in our Physical Plane, 3D

  • Ley Lines: Mother Earth ... for a long time Light Workers have been helping in the Reactivation of the New Ley Lines of the New Golden Age. You will learn how to do it and help Our Mother Earth and the Universe

  • Work with Animal Spirit Guides full of Light and Wisdom (Personal Allied Animals), Find out which ones are yours 

  • Gift: Workshop The Magical Healing of the Unicorns. Find out which ones are yours 

  • Gift: Workshop Dragons - Multidimensional and Their Wisdom. Find out which ones are yours

  • Gift: Workshop Ancestral Technology - Quartz/Crystals/Stones 

  • Gift: Workshop Magic Wand, available for the next Program on August 14, 2023

  • Gift for December 2023: Solar Discs

  • Special Bonus ... Pyramid of Light

  • Lifetime access with updates


Simply the Ancestral Knowledge of other Dimensions is Extraordinary!  

Registration opens on March 17, 2023 with a 50% discount (write 1 to receive a discount) Mexico Time


On March 20, 2023 30% discount (write 2 to receive discount) Mexico Time


As of March 24, 2023, total cost of $555 dollars

(energy exchange). Mexico Time


This energy exchange was dictated in the 8: 8 Portal: 5 represents change, Magic and Power, Connection with the Universe. Three 5s triple manifestation of change, to Magic and Power, Connection with the Universe. 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 ... 1 represents Unity, The Light of Beginning, the First Something Created from the Void. 1 + 5 = 6, 6 represents part of the Key of the Universe, Fire and Balance, Giving and Receiving (an exchange), it is twice 3 which is Double Creative Power, 3 represents part of the Key of the Universe, letting go of fears. They have more meanings but these are for this Program.


Registration closes on March 17, 2023. They reopen in August 7, 2023.


Do not miss this opportunity!


We start on March 24, 2023, one module per week


 You won't believe how easy it is!


Join me on this Beautiful and Magical Path of Life


Hugs of Light!


Ana Maria


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