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Avalon, Virtual Journey

About the Virtual Journey:

  • Avalon, Sacred Isle guarded by Priestesses who guard the mysteries of the White Goddess. It is a place where a parallel reality remains.  When you are in Glastonbury, energetically you are in Avalon. Glastonbury means "The Anchorage of the Shining Stone."

  • A Virtual Magical Journey

  • Each place with its own unique magical energy. Connecting with each place

  • An Initiatory Spiritual Journey

  • Activation in The Tor as Priestess of the Order of Saint Michael the Archangel

  • Stonehenge

  • Avebury: Special Activation

  • Chalice Well

  • Merlin's cave

  • Abbey: Apple Orchard

  • Holy Thorn

  • Some surprises...

  • Cost: $333 Dollars

  • 20% of each purchase is donated to: La Gaviota Child Disability Care Center I.A.P Children with disabilities, is an inclusive kindergarten 60% children with disabilities and 40% children without disabilities with physical, language and multisensory rehabilitation therapies. Mexico City

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