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Since she was a child, Ana Maria has channeled messages from Los Angeles, Beings of Light, Our Mother Earth. She also receives visions as to what is going to happen within a few days. An example is Covid-19. She was shown the pandemic and the virus in October 2019, which means that it began in October 2019 and not in December 2019. She stopped channeling messages during elementary school. Since she was a child, she also receives visions of things that are going to happen. She receives them days before they happen. After her mother passed away in 2014, she changed her life and resumed her Spiritual Path and went back to channeling messages and talking with the Angels, Beings of Light, Our Mother Earth. Ana Maria also began to communicate with her Spirit Guides. Along with her gifts of Healing, Clairaudience, Claircognitive, she is guided by the Angels/Archangels/Ascended Masters/Beings of Light to help and serve others; help them HEAL in their Magic Path of Spiritual Life. It's a Help Channel...


Professional Biography:


Advanced Course in Angelic Therapy Charles Virtue  and Peroshini Naidoo; Angelic Mediumship, Certification in Ascension of the Soul Charles Virtue and Peroshini Naidoo;

Reiki-Ho (International Association for Healing with REIKIDO, Usui-Japanese System of the "Spanish Reiki Alliance"); Reiki with Crystals/Quartz;


Holistic and Angelic Therapies Dr. Martha Martínez; Astral Surgery and Flower of Life Certification Dr. Martha Martínez; Abundance Certification (The Power to Activate it) Dr. Martha Martínez

Pujas and Medicine Buda Sangye Menla. Various courses on different spiritual tools, Self-taught.

Avalon: Glastonbury, England - Activation of the Feminine Energy and of Priestess as well as Initiated in the order of Archangel Michael. Nina Linares.

She has a B.S. in Business Administration, Option in Personnel Administration, Minor in Psychology, California Teaching Credential and a Masters of Education. All from United States Universities. 

She travels around the world to Sacred Sites working with Ley Lines and Activating Seeds of Light.


Work with her so that you are a Seed of Light, to be Sowers of Light.


Minister of Jesus Christ.

Guardian of Our Mother Earth.

Works with the magic of quartz/crystals/stones and with all the elements.

Work with Ley Lines, Sacred Sites, Power Sites.


Loves adventures.

Is a traveller by nature, Physically and Spiritually.

The Universe has given her Magical name of  Ysaabih.

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Pujas and Sangye Menla Medicine Buddha. Various courses on different spiritual tools, Self-taught.

She had just started giving courses on Angels, Abundance and others when the global situation began. She does Angelic and Other Realms Readings/Channeling. Distance healing (people and pets).



She is a Priestess of the Order of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Priestess of Avalon

She is Guardian of Ancestral Magic, a Magician since Magic exists and is within us.

Believe in Magic, Magic is YOU 

in this beautiful and magical

Life path


I understand what you're going through...I've been there. I have been a cancer survivor since 2008. In 2016 I had a fall in which my right elbow was shattered.  The diagnosis: lose the arm or it will remain folded without movement.  Here I am with my arm and with movement.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family with mental and psychological abuse by my father and especially by my sisters. By my sisters since they never loved me since I was in my mother's womb.  Being the youngest daughter of six, everyone thought that I was the spoiled one. I was the forgotten daughter, ignored, did not exist. They always ignored me and pushed me aside. 

Economic deprivations, without Christmas gifts, birthdays etc., my "new clothes" were the clothes that did not fit my sisters. New clothes, when my mom could make them. I started working at the age of 15 in order to have money and to help my parents.


My marriage in the United States, dysfunctional with an exaggeratedly jealous man. Jealous due to lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem and other things. In my marriage I went through mental and psychological abuse and other things. After 9 years of a nightmare marriage, I decided to get a divorce. After my divorce I came to Mexico City. I was going to stay for a year for work and then return to the United States. I have been here since July 2000, because I fell in love with Mexico. 

I came to live with a cousin...a nightmare of 9 months since she wanted me to buy her a car, furniture etc. I gave her half of the expenses plus I paid rent. She wouldn't let me use the stove, all night she would play music not letting me sleep. I would go to work half-asleep. This started when I refused to buy her everything she wanted. This was the beginning of the nightmare.

In 2004, I met my new partner. A dysfunctional relationship again...I didn't see it until years later. I don't deny it, we had very happy moments, we experienced incredible things. We lived together for 13 years, as a couple for 17 years. In August 2021, I separated because I could no longer continue in a relationship that did not work, that never worked for many reasons... but I did not want to see or accept it. I went through many depressions during my life. I always got out of them with a lot of Angelic help since I had no support from another human being.  When you're down, the only thing left is to get up and keep going.


Despite all this and many more things, I managed to get ahead and never let mental and psychological abuse, and many depressions stop me on my healing, spiritual path.

I can help you to get out of what you are experiencing through a Quiet Journey to You Inner Self in an environment of Light, Unconditional Love, Peace, Magic, No Judgment to Heal-You and Transform-You with help from The Angels,  Archangels, Ascended Masters. 


Founder of the Healings...All in One Program

Sharing Light and Unconditional Love by Offering You Programs, Workshops, and Channeled Courses with Beings of Light and through my unique experiences with Divine Love, Divine Light, and Gratitude for the Greater Good of All (Collective Consciousness).

Hugs of Light!

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She has not stopped and continues her Spiritual Path. That Spiritual Path has led her to her Life Mission working with the Angelic Realm, Beings of Light, Other Kingdoms, Our Mother Earth.

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