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Message from Our Mother Earth, 7 Major Archangels, Beings of Light.


Today they delivered this message to me. Portal 10/10 (October 10): This portal is very important as it brings changes at the Political and Natural Level. The change will begin in the United States and from there to the rest of the world. It is important to stay in High Energies / Frequencies of Love, Harmony, Peace, Light . PRAYING, PRAYER IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING THAT EXISTS. Meditate. Send Healing to Our Mother Earth. They know that almost every Human Being is afraid of what is happening globally. They want you to try to understand that everything is part of The Divine Plan. Everything is part of the New Alignment of Our Mother Earth in her New Dimension. Everything is as it should be. Everything is aligning in Harmony ... although many Human Beings do not see it that way. Trust, everything is for the best. This new storm is full of Blessings. Remember that after a Storm a Beautiful Rainbow always comes out ... a Rainbow announcing the end of the storm, bringing Tranquility. Flow, just flow and trust the process.

We love you.

Message delivered with Light, Love, Thankfulness, Angelic Magic, and Universal Magic


Today October 14, 2020 is an important day. The 1 represents Unity, The Light of the Beginning, The Sun Provider of Energy to Our Mother Earth, The First Something Created from the Void. The 4 Represents The Earth, the base, the structure, stability, the 4 Cardinal Points, Return to the Source (Our Home, Ascension). 1 + 4 = 5 The 5 Represents Change, The Five Pointed Star that gives us the Connection with the Universe, Energy Generating Changes, Breaking Structures (today).


It Has Begun ... Maintain ourselves in High Frequencies of Divine Love, Divine Light, Peace. See The Blessings that these changes bring, this necessary cleansing. Feel and see how the rain is already different, the wind ... feel and see all the changes, small and large. See them for what they are: BLESSINGS. Many of you have felt them for a long time and have been helping. We thank you. Message from Our Mother Earth, Beings of Light.


This change started a long time ago, but this month is when you begin to see more changes not only with our physical eyes, beyond the veil.


Since I was a child, I receive messages and visions from Our Mother Earth and from Beings of Light.


Channeled message by AM - Sparkles of Liphe ®️ / Chispas de la Vida®️

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