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Portal 12/12


Portal of La Trinidad

A Double Portal of the New Age of Our Mother Earth. The opening to receive new Solar Codes. A Double Portal creates a ring and a Cosmic opening. It is a Portal of Rebirth, of New Energies and Codes of Light.

Many High Frequencies are entering Our Mother Earth like a torrential raising our DNA and the highest Codes in Our Timelines.

Total solar eclipse on December 14 will show a cross.


Channeled Message by AM - Ana Maria

We are all energy. We are all One and One We are All.


Delivered with Light, Love Appreciation, Angelic Magic and Universal Magic



Nothing is chance on any plane. The coincidences do not exist. If it has come to you, it is for something. If you think someone needs it, please share it by mentioning and @sparklesofliphe on Instagram.

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