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Certified Angelic Therapist.
Since I was a child I have spoken with Beings of Light

Reading and Angelic Channeling in PDF format and Via Zoom with appointment. To schedule an appointment send an email to and/or Reading and Channeling includes all the cards that come out, the Beings of Light that appear during the reading and have messages for you.

20% of each purchase is donated to: La Gaviota Child Disability Care Center I.A.P Children with disabilities, is an inclusive kindergarten 60% children with disabilities and 40% children without disabilities with physical, language and multisensory rehabilitation therapies. Mexico City


Angelic readings are positive and focus on what each person needs. I am a channel and I connect with your Angels directly so that you receive their guidance with love. The Angelic Reading includes questions you may want to ask;  special messages for you from the  Angels and Beings of Light (Ascended Masters) who are with you. You send your questions by email.

The Angelic Reading is sent in PDF format with the cards that came out in the reading and all the information received in writing. Your personal reading and channeling is sent by email within 24 hours of ordering and paying. 

Your data will never be shared when ordering the Angelic Reading or a Reading from Other Realms. You can read the privacy notice here.

Choose the oracle for your reading and personalized channeling

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