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Portal 9/9 September 9th

This portal is ideal and important to make a Collective Change (We Are One and We Are All). This 9/9 portal, the number 9 is the culmination of the number series 1-9, a new cycle begins.

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During this portal, Our Mother Earth will deliver Special Divine Stellar Codes to Our Souls, Codes of Light. For your soul to be ready to receive these Codes in this Portal, it is necessary to heal from your heart everything that you need to heal. Start healing today, ask for help from The Angels, God, the Creator, the Universe, in whom you believe.

You can use A. Ho'Ponopono (Sorry,  I Forgive You, Thank you, I love you and repeat it as many times as necessary to heal. It has helped me a lot in my evolution process) for yourself, to heal what you must heal with other people. B. You can make statements such as: I let go of everything that does not belong to me, I let go of everything that hurts me; I forgive myself ... I forgive ... for ...

Golden Sparkles

C. Before sleeping, ask your soul to help you heal. D. Connect with our Mother Earth. E. Close Cycles F. Work Detachment. If you heal, I / we heal because We are One and We are Light. Everything that is happening in this earthly 2020 is at the Universe level.

Cosmic Sky

Part 2: This Portal gives you the opportunity to start again, to REBIRTH with a New Consciousness. A Consciousness with the Law of One, of Unity, of We Are All One. Learn to flow with changes. The changes have a duality: In some people they generate crisis that is equal to fear of the unknown, in others they generate adaptation. Hopefully you will choose to flow with change. This portal is the time to change the word "Crisis" for Adaptation / Transformation. An incredible REBIRTH / QUANTUM LEAP at the Cosmos level. It is time for a Deep Introspection, to Raise Vibration, for Spiritual Awakening. All people who connect to this Portal (it closes on September 27th), will receive information. Each will receive the information for which she/he is currently ready. It will be different for each person. If you do not receive Special Star Divine Codes, Light Codes, don't worry. You will receive them at the perfect moment in perfect harmony, when your Soul is ready to receive them.


Part 3: Before September 27, you can write down 9 things you are grateful for. Ideal to do it at 9 AM or 9 PM. You can have the paper with you, put it in a special place. It is recommended to read it to remind ourselves of so many things to be thankful for.

Violet Stars

If you like, you can make a new list every day from now until the 27th, since the portal closes on the 27th. Starting on the 28th, you burn the paper and give the ashes to Our Mother Earth (a garden, a flowerpot, a tree ... something that represents Our Mother Earth) and then you give thanks.

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