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Magic wand

Magic Wand An Adventure Full of Magic that you cannot miss!

A Magic Wand is an Ancient Power Tool.

Imagine using your First Power Tool! 

Module 1: Welcome

Module 2: Why Make a Magic Wand

Module 3: How to be a Help Channel through Your Magic Wand

Module 4: Materials for Your Magic Wand

Module 5: Finding Your Magic Wand

Module 6: Different uses, choosing the one for your Magic Wand

Module 7: Cleaning Your Magic Wand

Module 8: Making Your Magic Wand

Module 9:  Activating Your Magic Wand

Module 10: Using Your Magic Wand

Module 11: Gift - Your Magical Name

Module 12: Why drink water?

Module 13: Universal Law

Update available May 15, 2023

 Life access, with updates

20% of each purchase is donated to: La Gaviota Child Disability Care Center I.A.P Children with disabilities, is an inclusive kindergarten 60% children with disabilities and 40% children without disabilities with physical, language and multisensory rehabilitation therapies

Mexico City

$55.00 Dollars

I want my Magic Wand!

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