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What are the Akashik Records? It is an Encounter with YOUR SOUL. They are a multidimensional space. The universal collective memory of our existence: We are all One and All Are One. In this multidimensional space, all the collective information is stored as well as that of each person. All the experiences of the Soul of each person, their knowledge, their past lives. When you open yourself, you enter Your Soul and begin to understand the reasons for the things that happen to you. By understanding this, you grow. Once inside, you connect with the energy that surrounds us, with the interior. By connecting with the interior and with the energy, you begin to heal your past since you know the truth and to put order and harmonize Your Life in the Here and Now. It is a huge library and it is different for each person. In this huge library you find answers for your growth in the Here and Now, you find Healing for your Soul. Different vibrational levels for each person and at the collective level. Akasha is a Sanskrit term and its meaning is "ether" "space" or "sky". It is a trip to the past to heal.

Therapy is 1 hour via zoom.