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What is a Portal?

A Quantum / Energetic Portal is a dimensional door that opens to give us special gifts. It is a universal connection of the earthly and etheric worlds. The Cosmic and the Earthly connect. They are full of Energy. Everything is Energy, we are Energy. Those who feel this energy and connect, receive information. The Portals give us new opportunities to rediscover the path to Divine Love, Divine Light, Abundance, Health ... they are of collective consciousness change.


Each Portal indicates profound changes in each human being. The change in each person depends on their Spiritual evolution, it depends on whether or not they want to make changes for the change of Collective Consciousness. Being Spiritual has nothing to do with any religion. It is about High Frequencies / Vibrations of Love, of Light, of Happiness. We are One and We Are All.


All information received is personally and collectively important. Especially for 2021. Every person should change, evolve, modify their thinking patterns, their limiting patterns, raise their Vibration, their Frequency. This 2020 has shown us that we can evolve, that we can be better human beings collectively, that we can raise our Frequency, our Vibration.


We all have the ability, it is within us. We just have to do it from our heart, with humility. This 2020 has been revealing in many ways ... we must be responsible for our actions since what one does affects the entire Collective Consciousness. Our Planet Earth, Our Mother Earth is evolving. Earth is already in the Fifth Dimension. Everything that has happened and is about to happen is part of this evolution not only at the Planet Earth level, it is at the Universe level. Everything is in sync. It is time to wake up and change Collectively.


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