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Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

Portal 2/2/2/2

This portal is activated on 02/02/2020. It is an important Portal since it brings the Vibration of the New Mother or Our Mother Earth or Gaia or Pachamama, what you prefer to call Her. I prefer to always say Mother Earth.

Northern Lights

The Universal Mother and Mother Earth will enter together on February 2, 2020. Their new Vibration begins at

02:00 am

From the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs to our present time, offerings of prayer and acceptance ceremonies have been made. We can put an altar with a candle, incense, flowers, fruit.

By doing this we honor Our Mother Earth. At the same time we cleanse all our ancestral energies and our family.

For quite some time we have been disconnected from Our Mother Earth. It is time to reconnect with Her. By reconnecting with Her, everything becomes Divine. She gives us prosperity, abundance, health, food ... everything we need. Without Her, we do not exist.


This 2020 will not be easy. There will be many changes. These changes are on an Earthly and Universal level. Everything is aligning to the new Vibration. All the changes will make us reflect, evolve. It is a Year of Learning, of remembering who we are, awakening to our Collective Consciousness since We Are All One and We Are All. Many blessings for those who want to see them.

Colorful Bubbles

Everything will change ... these changes are not only for this 2020 but also for the next three to five years. For 2021 and 2022: Perceptions from another plane, another point of view of consciousness, massive changes, new responsibilities, learning to work not only with oneself but with others, new structures, a new order. During the next few years we will return to Union, Love, Light, Harmony for those who are ready and connected with Our Mother Earth, each person connected with Her Divinity. WE ARE ALL ONE AND WE ARE ALL .

Purple Crowd
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