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What are the Sacred Codes?


They are a gift from Heaven. It is a Spiritual Technology that helps us raise our consciousness, our vibration.

They are numbers sent by Beings of Light channeled by José Gabriel Uribe (Agesta).


Our words, symbols and letters are energy; they balance and vibrate. The numbers also vibrate, balance and are energy.


Galileo said: "The Universe is written in mathematical code." We are living a process of vibrational elevation, of planetary ascension. The Sacred Numerical Codes, being energies, facilitate this process.


They are the language of Higher Dimensions. Through these Sacred Codes you can access vibrations that otherwise would not be possible. These Sacred Codes open magical dimensional doors to receive and help people who want a just and harmonious world. In the moments that we are living globally, they are an excellent resource to help you and for you to help others.


They have come to you by The Law of Attraction, it is no coincidence. Coincidences do not exist. These Codes are gifts from other Dimensions and belong to the Kingdom of the Heart. This gift has come to you because you are in a frequency of Love and you can understand this Spiritual Tool.


By raising a prayer using the numbers (Sacred Codes), we have immediate assistance from the Universe / From Heaven. There are Sacred Codes for every need: abundance, work, health, relationships, connections with Angels / Archangels / dimensions, love, Mother Earth, Mother Divine and more.


Sometimes you will find repeated Codes, this is not an error as there are Codes with various functions. The Universe does not make mistakes.


If you don't believe in the Sacred Codes, you feel that they are not for you, just look for what works best for you. You will find it and it will find you since The Universe has infinite possibilities and resources. Thank you thank you thank you



How to activate and use the Sacred Codes?

1. Every time you use them you must do it with faith and from the heart.

2. The Codes must be repeated 45 times as the number 45 is a manifesting number. You can use all the Codes you need and as many times as you like.

3. Say: Active Sacred Code and number. Repeat Sacred Code 45 times. You can repeat it mentally or in voice.


4. Repeat the Code as you feel best and is easiest for you. Example: 66528 Epidemic (Covid19) - Active Sacred Code 66528 (you can repeat it sixty six five hundred twenty-eight; sixty-six thousand five hundred twenty-eight, six six five two eight).

5. There is no ritual, no prayer. Just repeat the Sacred Code 45 times wherever you want and at the time you want with FAITH and from your heart.

When finished: Thanks, it's done


6. You can make a necklace / rosary with 45 knots, balls, beads to facilitate repetition.

7. You can repeat them to help other people. Just say: "I apply Sacred Code 1759 Paranoia for (Name and surname)".

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