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Of the pilgrimage

In October 2019 I received a channeled message that 2020 was The Year of the Pilgrimage. Every year I make a physical pilgrimage to different places. God / The Universe / Universal Source shows me the place to make my pilgrimage. When I asked where to make my pilgrimage, they showed me a world catastrophe (Covid19). They told me that yes indeed, 2020 was The Year of the Pilgrimage. But an inward pilgrimage. Inside out. A Wonderful Pilgrimage to know ourselves, to connect with our Higher Self, to connect with the Divine, to open our Consciousness, to grow in our Spirituality. Spirituality has nothing to do with religions or beliefs. You are free to believe in whom you want as well as not to believe. Spirituality is the Divinity that we carry within since WE ARE ALL DIVINE SPARKS. WE ARE ALL ONE AND WE ARE ALL. It is seeing everything in another way, from another perspective. Be grateful for everything that happens to us, whether we rate it as good or bad. It is our attitude to what we call "problems" that are actually learning situations and it is up to us what attitude to take. See these situations as something wonderful to solve. Since by solving these situations, it helps us in our evolution as human beings, in our growth. Spirituality is seeing ourselves from the inside and from there, generating everything we need. It is smiling at a stranger ... by doing so, you may be changing their life positively. Smile to life. Laugh at yourself. Greet your neighbors ... by greeting, you are greeting the conscience of each person, His/Her Divinity, His/Her Light. Spirituality is being good with ourselves, ourselves and with others. Being aware of our breathing is our life. Be grateful for everything we have. Be happy with everything that life has given us. Show compassion, kindness, appreciation towards ourselves and towards others. Give love selflessly, without expecting anything in return. The list is endless ...


Channeled by AM - Sparkles of Liphe ®️ / Chispas de La Vida®️

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