Distance Healings:

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

Healings: Angelic, Reiki, Reiki with Crystals / Quartz, Astral Surgery, Roses, Energetics.


Everything is Energy ... We are all Energy. Distance Healings are possible since We are Energy and Energy travels through time and space. There are no limits ... They give us peace, harmony, tranquility, well-being, relaxation, balance. Healings are a cleaning of everything that we accumulate in our body such as emotions, feelings, resentments, stress, etc. that have not healed. When we have a physical discomfort, it throws us off balance in every way. All the different techniques for Healings are Spiritual Tools. In all the Healings I clean everything, I balance Chakras, and everything that I am instructed to do by My Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangel Raphael and Jesus Christ. They tell me what technique to use.


Cost $ 750.00 Mexican Pesos. The cost is for all sessions required for distant healing. My Spiritual Guides / Beings of Light / Angelic Kingdom will let me know if I can do the healing or not before making the payment. Sometimes the answer is no since the person must go through the process, a life learning process.


Once the payment is made, I start with the healings. You will feel the difference!


Information: info@sparklesofliphe.com

Limitation of Liability:

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Angelic Healings


Astral Surgery Healing:

It is an ancient technique. It is a "surgery" to remove from our bodies everything that is negative and is causing us physical discomfort. A Special Quartz is used.

Reiki Healing with Quartz:

Special Quartz are used with the Reiki symbols.


Reiki Healing:

Technique of Japanese origin, a Spiritual origin. It is an ancient technique that uses special symbols that are traced on the hands. The transmission of energy is through the hands for healing.

Healing with Roses:

The rose is the queen of the flowers. It is the symbol of LOVE. Roses of different colors or a single color are used. Depending disease to heal.

Energetic Healing:

Cleaning of your Energy Field, your Aura, your Bodies.