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Imagine! Before the written word, a Divine Alliance was established between humans and the Hidden Realms. This is a bridge between the worlds of Nature and the Spiritual. This Divine Covenant is Sacred to establish harmony and balance. The Divine Covenant guarantees that when we ask to be guided to manifest in our reality, They would help us find our way for the highest good of all, to help us find our way home to our true purpose.


Cost $ 45.00 dollars (Energy exchange)

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

  • The reading is sent in PDF format with the cards that came out in the reading and all the information received in writing. Emailed in three (3) days after ordering and paying for it. Why three (3 days? Three is the number of The Creation, the birth of the Unit, the Union of two, the first Perfect Spiritual Number, the Trinity ... three days dedicated to your reading and personal channeling.

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