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Archangel Michael is a powerful protector and guide. Angels are non-denominational messengers from Our Creator. They are Beings of Light and their purpose is to guide and assist us in this life. Angels can be with all people at the same time when they are called, they are omnipresent. Angelic readings are positive and focus on what each person needs. Ana Maria is a channel and connects with your Angels directly so that you receive their guidance with love. The Angelic reading includes three questions that you want to ask, it includes which Angels and Light Beings (Ascended Masters, Guides) are with you and important messages from them.

Archangel Michael, For Angelic Reading

  • The Angelic Reading is sent in PDF format with the cards that came out in the reading and all the information received in writing. It is sent by email within three (3) days of ordering and paying. Why three (3) days? Three is the number of The Creation, the birth of the Unit, the Union of two, the first Perfect Spiritual Number, the Trinity ... three days dedicated to your reading and personal channeling.

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