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Atlantis and Angels. Each Angel is represented as an Orb and as the Archangels, they are Loving Guides, full of Wisdom and want to help. Their Light shines on your Path. Invite them to enter your life, to attract well-being to your life just as they did with The Atlanteans.


Cost $ 45.00 dollars (Energy exchange)

Angels of Atlantis, For Angelic Reading

  • The Angelic Reading is sent in PDF format with the cards that came out in the reading and all the information received in writing. Emailed to all three   (3) days after ordering and paying for it. Because  three   (3 days? Three is the  number of The Creation, the birth of the Unit, the Union of two, the first Perfect Spiritual Number, the Trinity ... three days dedicated to your reading and personal channeling. 

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