You have arrived here for something. Coincidences do not exist on any plane. Welcome to your New Spiritual Home. Sparkles of Liphe® / Chispas De La Vida® has been created for YOU in Perfect Harmony and According to the Divine Plan. It was a message from Heaven to start sharing the gifts that have been given to me, sharing the Magic through this web page. To share The Light and Be Seeds of Light, and Sowers of Light ... Created thinking about your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, to be in harmony in everything, to be abundant in everything.

I want to be your ally in this Magical and Beautiful Path of Spiritual Life



Everything you need in this Magical and Beautiful Path of Life is here. You just have to take the first step… the door is already open. God, The Universe, The Angels, in Whom you Believe, is waiting for you.


When we do everything from our heart with LOVE, everything else comes to us in addition.


It is our Divine Right to be happy, to be abundant in everything.


If you are well on the inside, you are well on the outside.






We are all Divine Sparks. LOVE is the basis of EVERYTHING. Transform your life through LOVE. Sparkles of Liphe® / Chispas de la Vida®, the boost you need to achieve your goals, to be in Harmony and Abundant in every way. Courses, workshops, meditations to help you in your growth. Everything is at your own pace. Give yourself the Sparks of Life, give LOVE.  Many Blessings, Love, Light, Abundance for You and Your Loved Ones.