El Futuro del Mundo está en Mi Salón Espiritual Hoy...

Pujas and Medicine Buddha Sangye Menla. Several courses on different spiritual tools, Self-taught.

I began to give courses on Angels, Abundance and others when the global situation began. She does Angelic and Other Realm Readings/Channeling.


Compartiendo La Luz y el Amor Incondicional al Entregarte los mejores Programas, Talleres, y Cursos Canalizados  con Seres de Luz y a través de mis experiencias únicas con Amor Divino, Luz Divina y Agradecimiento Para el Bien Mayor de Todos (Conciencia Colectiva).


Take as a Gift  An Angelic Reading

Llévate de Regalo 
"Abriendo Caminos: Abundancia 2023"

Coming soon:
Take as a Gift 
"9 Wonderful Days with Water"



Thanks to the help of Ana Maria and the Angelic Channelings that she has done for me, I have been able to unblock important aspects in my life. As well as receiving the Abundance and Protection that has been sent for me and my family.


Laura Villa

I am fortunate to have the support and knowledge of Ana Maria. When I was assaulted, she relaxed me and gave me protection. She improves all my health conditions and gives me peace of mind in my home and personal problems. Thanks Ana Maria!


Rocio Salas

I thank Ana Maria on behalf of my family and for her guidance in times of need for physical healing and channellings in extreme cases; which allowed us to be prepared for difficult events or to get out of those situations based on a very precise guide. Thank you, thank you thank you.